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Why should you take this course?

  • Have you read Team Topologies but don’t know how to start identifying your value streams?

  • Are you noticing that changes regularly require a lot of coordination and involve multiple teams, indicating a mismatch between organization design and independent value streams?

  • Are you wondering where to focus your strategic efforts to get the biggest ROI from aligning the organization with independent value streams?

Organizing for Independent Value Streams Bundle (20% off)

We have bundled the "Independent Value Streams with Domain-Driven Design " course with the  "Team Topologies for Managers" course into the Organizing for Independent Value Streams Bundle at a 20% discount. 

Course curriculum

  • 2

    What are Value Streams?

  • 3

    Value Stream Journey

    • Introduction

    • Essential activities of a value stream journey

    • Iterative, multi-track identification and transitioning

    • Defining and refining scope

    • Mapping the business landscape

    • Creating a sensing organization

    • ASK YOURSELF: Is Your Organization Prepared for an Iterative Value Stream Journey?

    • RECAP: Value Stream Journey

  • 4

    Value Stream Portfolio

    • Introduction

    • What is a value stream portfolio

    • Identifying the macrostructure

    • ASK YOURSELF: What are the domains in your organisation’s portfolio?

    • Building the value stream portfolio

    • Example value stream portfolio

    • EXERCISE: Domains and Subdomains

    • RECAP: Value Stream Portfolio

  • 5

    Candidate Value Streams

    • Introduction

    • Planning a series of workshops

    • Preparing for a workshop

    • Running a workshop

    • Pivotal events

    • EXERCISE: Pivotal Events

    • Identifying boundaries

    • Zooming in further with process level event storming

    • RECAP: Candidate Value Streams

  • 6

    Validated Value Streams

    • Introduction

    • Domain message flow modelling

    • Analyzing dependencies

    • Team cognitive load

    • Cost tracking

    • Committing to a value stream

    • RECAP: Validated Value Streams

  • 7

    Prioritized Value Streams

    • Introduction

    • Core, supporting & generic domains

    • Core domain charts

    • Modernization core domain charts

    • Assessing value

    • Assessing technology complexity

    • Assessing business & organizational complexity

    • EXERCISE: Core Domain Charts

    • RECAP: Prioritized Value Streams

    • Example modernization core domain charts

  • 8

    Transitioning to Value Streams

    • Introduction

    • Nail it, then scale it

    • Choose the right people, especially at the start

    • Bring people along on the journey

    • Be prepared for flow to drop in the short-term

    • Expect challenges when evolving software to align with value streams

    • Prepare for bumps in the road

    • ASK YOURSELF: What would happen if you transitioned to a sub-optimal value stream?

    • Transitioning is not a side project

    • Nurture communities of practice & leverage enabling teams

    • RECAP : Transitioning to Value Streams

  • 9

    How to Get Started

    • How to get started identifying independent value streams

    • Lessons learned from this course

    • The end

  • 10

    Feedback, please!

    • Independent Value Streams with Domain-Driven Design - Course Feedback

  • 11


What people are saying about the Independent Value Streams with Domain-Driven Design course

Xin Yao

Chief Software Architect @Danske Bank, Denmark

"A brilliant combo of DDD and Team Topologies. Informative, well-structured, delivered with clarity and thoughtfulness."

Shamresh Khan

Director Of Architecture at Zego (Powered by PayLease), USA

"This course presents techniques and tools on how to identify value streams to help organizations carry out successful digital transformations and avoid million-dollar mistakes with a step-by-step approach. It's a must watch for every professional."

Victor Franzonatto

Engineering Manager, Mercado Libre, Brazil

"I wish I could have watched this course years ago before moving into a product team. There are so many real challenges and recommendations in the course that would have saved me a lot of headaches."

Alexandru Suna

Enterprise Architect, BRD – Groupe Societe Generale, Romania

"Good starting point for progressively transforming an organisation towards value streams."

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