Why should you take this course?

  • Have you read Team Topologies but don’t know how to start identifying your value streams?

  • Are you noticing that changes regularly require a lot of coordination and involve multiple teams, indicating a mismatch between organization design and independent value streams?

  • Are you wondering where to focus your strategic efforts to get the biggest ROI from aligning the organization with independent value streams?

Course curriculum

  • 2

    What are Value Streams?

    • Introduction

    • Stream-aligned teams

    • Value stream types

    • Fast flow requires more than independent value streams

    • RECAP: What are Value Streams?

  • 3

    Value Stream Journey

    • Introduction

    • Essential activities of a value stream journey

    • Iterative, multi-track identification and transitioning

    • Defining and refining scope

    • Mapping the business landscape

    • Creating a sensing organization

    • ASK YOURSELF: Is Your Organization Prepared for an Iterative Value Stream Journey?

    • RECAP: Value Stream Journey

  • 4

    Value Stream Portfolio

    • Introduction

    • What is a value stream portfolio

    • Identifying the macrostructure

    • ASK YOURSELF: What are the domains in your organisation’s portfolio?

    • Building the value stream portfolio

    • Example value stream portfolio

    • EXERCISE: Domains and Subdomains

    • RECAP: Value Stream Portfolio

  • 5

    Candidate Value Streams

    • Introduction

    • Planning a series of workshops

    • Preparing for a workshop

    • Running a workshop

    • Pivotal events

    • EXERCISE: Pivotal Events

    • Identifying boundaries

    • Zooming in further with process level event storming

    • RECAP: Candidate Value Streams

  • 6

    Validated Value Streams

    • Introduction

    • Domain message flow modelling

    • Analyzing dependencies

    • Team cognitive load

    • Cost tracking

    • Committing to a value stream

    • RECAP: Validated Value Streams

  • 7

    Prioritized Value Streams

    • Introduction

    • Core, supporting & generic domains

    • Core domain charts

    • Modernization core domain charts

    • Assessing value

    • Assessing technology complexity

    • Assessing business & organizational complexity

    • EXERCISE: Core Domain Charts

    • RECAP: Prioritized Value Streams

    • Example modernization core domain charts

  • 8

    Transitioning to Value Streams

    • Introduction

    • Nail it, then scale it

    • Choose the right people, especially at the start

    • Bring people along on the journey

    • Be prepared for flow to drop in the short-term

    • Expect challenges when evolving software to align with value streams

    • Prepare for bumps in the road

    • ASK YOURSELF: What would happen if you transitioned to a sub-optimal value stream?

    • Transitioning is not a side project

    • Nurture communities of practice & leverage enabling teams

    • RECAP : Transitioning to Value Streams

  • 9

    How to Get Started

    • How to get started identifying independent value streams

    • Lessons learned from this course

    • The end

  • 10

    Feedback, please!

    • Independent Value Streams with Domain-Driven Design - Course Feedback

  • 11


What people are saying about the Independent Value Streams with Domain-Driven Design course

Victor Franzonatto

Engineering Manager, Mercado Libre, Brazil

"I wish I could have watched this course years ago before moving into a product team. There are so many real challenges and recommendations in the course that would have saved me a lot of headaches."

Alexandru Suna

Enterprise Architect, BRD – Groupe Societe Generale, Romania

"Good starting point for progressively transforming an organisation towards value streams."

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