About the Academy training

Dirk Lehmann

Chief Development Expert at SAP

"I have to say that I really enjoyed your courses! I think what you folks have put together is extremely valuable for our industry, and it sets a new level on how to concrete apply cultural and organizational knowledge into practice."

Lenka Gašparovičová

Scrum Master/Agile Coach at Itera, Slovakia

"It was great fun to learn new skills and I really enjoyed the approaches shared by the course trainers. They helped to improve my work within our teams and organization itself."

Alex Corkin

Platform Architect at Livestock Improvement Corporation

"Team topologies gave me the tools to describe what I felt needed to change in my org for us to be more focused on value, focused on products, and focused more on teams and streams of business value."

About the Independent Value Streams with Domain-Driven Design course

Xin Yao

Chief Software Architect @Danske Bank, Denmark

"A brilliant combo of DDD and Team Topologies. Informative, well-structured, delivered with clarity and thoughtfulness."

Shamresh Khan

Director Of Architecture at Zego (Powered by PayLease), USA

"This course presents techniques and tools on how to identify value streams to help organizations carry out successful digital transformations and avoid million-dollar mistakes with a step-by-step approach. It's a must watch for every professional."

Victor Franzonatto

Engineering Manager, Mercado Libre, Brazil

"I wish I could have watched this course years ago before moving into a product team. There are so many real challenges and recommendations in the course that would have saved me a lot of headaches."

Alexandru Suna

Enterprise Architect, BRD – Groupe Societe Generale, Romania

"Good starting point for progressively transforming an organisation towards value streams."

Mohammed Hilmy

Independent Agile Coach, France

"Really easy to follow, this course stays light even if there is significant content. I learned a lot in 3 hours."

Luis Azcona

Head of Digital Transformation, Thoughtworks, Spain

"You managed to distill a difficult topic (there are multiple techniques for value stream identification) down into a clear approach and well-structured process to follow."

About the Team Topologies for Managers course

Fátima Rodríguez Calvo

Lead Consultant Business Analyst, ThoughtWorks, Spain

"Totally recommend this course to every manager in IT. Very easy to follow and digest, with concrete tips, examples and actions for managers."

Rhafik Gonzalez

Software Engineering Manager, iFood, Brazil

"Great course for managers of all levels, disrupting the mindset of individual-centered approach for teams as a single unit of delivery. The course shows in a easy way how to understand the importance of team cognitive load in modern software development and how it can be managed using the proposed team topologies!"

Kiran Dosanjh

Senior Delivery Lead, Contino, Australia

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. I found the Team-First Thinking, the four team patterns and practical steps to optimise for flow and feedback, really insightful. I highly recommend the course."

Csilla Bessenyei

Technology/Organization Change Consultant, UK

"Great overview and actionable ideas! I was happy to see that the concept of "lifetime service viability" was included. It covers areas of non-functional requirements which are often an afterthought, but crippling teams and services over time."

Yago Pereiro

Delivery Principal, Thoughtworks, Spain

"I can 100% recommend this course to anyone interested in improving on setting up teams for success."

About the Product as a Platform course

Aleix Morgadas

Head of Engineering at AtomicJar, Spain

"The Platform course is a must-have for mid-big companies, it's Platforms done right. Having the case studies, helped me drive my reasoning and connect the dots. It is a big plus. "

Chris Combe

Ways of Working, UBS, UK

"I really enjoyed this course on platform as product. It has informed my thinking about people and architecture in a way that gives me the vocabulary to communicate effectively with the many groups and teams I work with on a regular basis."

Asier Marqués

Sr. Engineering Manager at Packlink, Spain

"An invaluable course to dig into the concepts and clarify the vision necessary to implement this #DevOps team topology pattern."

About the Team Topologies Distilled course

Donna Benjamin

Engagement Lead, Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, Australia

"I would recommend this for anyone who wants to re-visit the book, and think more about how they might apply it to their real world environment. It's broken down into sections, with short videos (often under 5 mins) making it easy to consume in short bursts."

Mike Douse

Senior Enterprise Architect, Roche, Switzerland

"Very clear and concise language makes for an easy to follow course. Genuinely useful material to apply in the real world."