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Platform Engineering Bundle (15% off)

We have bundled the "Platform as a Product" course with the academy flagship course "Team Topologies Distilled" into the Platform Engineering Bundle at a 15% discount. 

For people in management positions we have bundled the "Platform as a Product" course with the “Team Topologies for Managers” course into the Platform Management Bundle at a 20% discount. 

Course curriculum

    1. What is the true value of a platform?

    2. Reducing cognitive load

    3. Platform lock-in decreases value

    4. Platform options increase value

    5. Measure value through customer satisfaction

    6. EXERCISE: Platform Value

    7. RECAP: Platform Value

    1. Who are the true platform customers?

    2. Curating the platform experience

    3. Platform must be fit for purpose

    4. Discovering and prioritizing customer needs

    5. EXERCISE: Platform Customers

    6. RECAP: Platform Customers

    1. Engineering platform happiness at HelloFresh

    1. Poor UX kills great products

    2. Consistent UX reduces cognitive load

    3. DevEx for internal platforms

    4. EXERCISE: Platform Experience

    5. RECAP: Platform Experience

About this course

  • €195,00
  • 36 lessons

What people are saying about the Product as a Platform course

Aleix Morgadas

Head of Engineering at AtomicJar, Spain

"The Platform course is a must-have for mid-big companies, it's Platforms done right. Having the case studies, helped me drive my reasoning and connect the dots. It is a big plus. "

Chris Combe

Ways of Working, UBS, UK

"I really enjoyed this course on platform as product. It has informed my thinking about people and architecture in a way that gives me the vocabulary to communicate effectively with the many groups and teams I work with on a regular basis."

Asier Marqués

Sr. Engineering Manager at Packlink, Spain

"An invaluable course to dig into the concepts and clarify the vision necessary to implement this #DevOps team topology pattern."

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