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Why should you take this course?

  • Understand critical constraints to software-based delivery such as Conway’s Law, trust boundaries, or team cognitive load, and leverage them rather than unknowingly fighting against them.

  • Discover modern approaches to organize and evolve teams for fast flow, such as a team-first approach, aligning to true streams of change, and moving from blocking to non-blocking team dependencies.

  • Learn practical techniques (with supporting tools) that you can apply today for better team dynamics: Team API, Thinnest Viable Platform, Team Cognitive Load assessment, Independent Service Heuristics, and more.

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Course curriculum

  • 3

    A Team-First Approach

  • 4

    Trust Boundaries

    • Why Dunbar’s number and trust boundaries matter

    • Organize with trust boundaries in mind

    • How trust boundaries influence business & architecture decisions

    • Increase remote and onsite group trust

    • The Team API as a tool to increase trust

    • ASK YOURSELF: Do the groupings in my organization match Dunbar’s boundaries?

    • VIEWPOINT: Why management needs to elevate trust boundaries as a key organizational factor

    • RECAP: Trust Boundaries

  • 5

    Conway’s Law

    • Conway’s Law impacts business agility

    • What are Conway’s Law mismatches

    • What happens when we ignore Conway’s Law

    • Take advantage of the Reverse Conway maneuver

    • ASK YOURSELF: Have you seen Conway’s Law mismatches in your organization?

    • VIEWPOINT: What is a sociotechnical architect?

    • RECAP: Conway’s Law

  • 6

    Stream-Aligned Teams

    • CASE STUDY: Amazon

    • We need stream-aligned teams for fast flow

    • Stream-aligned teams need customer-centricity

    • Which capabilities do stream-aligned teams need

    • Which behaviors to expect from stream-aligned teams

    • ASK YOURSELF: Is your organization stream-aligned?

    • VIEWPOINT: Why specialists are still needed

    • RECAP: Stream-Aligned Teams

  • 7

    Team Cognitive Load

  • 8

    Platform & Enabling Teams

    • How does a platform reduce cognitive load?

    • Treating the platform as a product is key

    • The platform as the path of least resistance

    • What is a Thinnest Viable Platform?

    • Complicated subsystem as a “mini-platform”

    • How does an enabling team reduce cognitive load?

    • How are enabling teams different?

    • ASK YOURSELF: Could platform and enabling teams help address high cognitive load in your organization?

    • VIEWPOINT: Looking at experts as mentors, not resources

    • RECAP: Platform & Enabling Teams

  • 9

    Team Interaction Modes

    • Why team types are not enough

    • What is Collaboration for

    • What is X-as-a-Service for

    • What is Facilitating for

    • Awkward team interactions as signals

    • Interactions modes are key to evolution

    • ASK YOURSELF: How would your organization benefit from clearer team interactions?

    • VIEWPOINT: Leveraging team interactions across teams

    • RECAP: Team Interaction Modes

  • 10


  • 11

    QUIZ: Test yourself

    • Key ideas and patterns from Team Topologies

  • 12

    Feedback please!

    • Team Topologies Distilled - Course Feedback

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What people are saying about the Team Topologies Distilled course

Donna Benjamin

Engagement Lead, Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, Australia

"I would recommend this for anyone who wants to re-visit the book, and think more about how they might apply it to their real world environment. It's broken down into sections, with short videos (often under 5 mins) making it easy to consume in short bursts."

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