Why Team Topologies?

Join hundreds of organizations across the world that have successfully answered these questions.

  • Are you trying to make sense of the complex ecosystem of people, technology, and organization design for modern software delivery?

  • Are you looking for an evolutionary approach to deal with the complexities of software-driven product development at scale in a fast-paced environment?

  • Are you tired of hearing about team "autonomy" and "high performance" but not much about actionable tools and patterns to achieve it?

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What people are saying about Team Topologies training

Dirk Lehmann

Chief Development Expert at SAP

"I have to say that I really enjoyed your courses! I think what you folks have put together is extremely valuable for our industry, and it sets a new level on how to concrete apply cultural and organizational knowledge into practice."

Sophie Weston

Senior Platform Engineer at Anaplan

"I really enjoyed the Team Topologies live courses that I did - afternoons well spent! The content and focus of each course was extremely good, enabling me to take a really deep dive into different aspects of Team Topologies."

Alex Corkin

Platform Architect at Livestock Improvement Corporation

"Team topologies gave me the tools to describe what I felt needed to change in my org for us to be more focused on value, focused on products, and focused more on teams and streams of business value."

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